sundayforstars (sundayforstars) wrote in artsyfarts,

T-Shirt Design Help?


I run a little promotion site called The Florida Scene. I book and promote shows for local and touring bands and its completely DIY. I want to get T-Shirts printed which convey what I do, without it being as cliche as a picture of a guitar player or just the state of Florida. I've had some ideas, I just don't know what I'm going to use and wanted to see if someone else could think of something better. I also love the word "Think" because I feel like people need to be reminded to do it, but that's not a major detail. >.< If you want to look at the site for inspiration or to see a little more of what I do, its

So yea, if anyone is up to the challenge of helping a stranger out, I would love some input!

If this post isn't allowed then I apologize!
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